Fall is finally here!

I have so much that I want to do and so much I want to accomplish before the end of the year, it seems that my mind is constantly thinking, “Oh, I have to do this, or oh I have to do that!” I wish I could just think about certain things being done and it would be done. No wonder God can accomplish so much!!

I am so afraid of looking at my New’s Year’s Day 2009 Resolution Blog because I am sure that I can’t say that I have accomplished everything in the last 10 months. Maybe on another day I will have the willpower to sit and look and cross the things off that I did complete and feel good about that. (Not yet! I don’t want to face it tonight)

(Disclaimer: Partly written last weekend but didn’t publish!)
Today was good, after going to El Modena High’s Football Boutique and walking around promoting my new Orange County Boutique Vendor’s Blog to the vendors there, and collecting business cards, I told Holly, “Oh we were supposed to do Halloween today”. I also mentioned it to a friend and she said oh not surprising that it is not done, well, I was bound and determined to get it done. Well, I did. The little girl next door says it looks scary, so I guess one job accomplished!

This morning (Last weekend…lol)I also sat down at 6:30 this morning and I was going to set the timer (I couldn’t even find the timer when I needed it this morning, come to find out later, it was in Holly’s bathroom!) to go through papers for 15 minutes per FlyLady’s instructions for this month (that is supposed be done on a daily basis, I might add!) ~ Well, of course, it isn’t, but I am now down to the finish line of the end of the year and I sure do not want these papers when I decorate for Christmas, so as the song goes, I have to move it, move it!

Okay, well, I am going to start dinner now, we are having spaghetti tonight and I am just so grateful for my many blessings. (lol…ummm, do I admit that this part was also written last Saturday!!!) Well, the spaghetti was yummy and the leftovers has been gone for a few days now!

What was one of the things that you set out to do on New Year’s in January that you have yet to do? What is the one thing that you want to do now but you have been procrastinating and not able to start or finish?

Time Flies!

I can’t believe that the last time that I wrote on here was almost a month ago! What a month! We went to the river and Las Vegas at the end of August and we had a great time! Holly started school the day after Labor Day and she seems to like all of her classes so far. Next week we are going to Disneyland and we are staying at the Grand California Hotel for a couple days and we are celebrating the day with a Fast Pass for all of the rides instead of getting in free on my birthday since we all have annual passes! Yes, Holly will be missing two days of school but her mom only turns 40 once!

After my birthday we will be thinking about getting out all of our fall decorations, then how time will fly, SD Charger game in October, then Thanksgiving at the river (we already have our reservations for a suite at the Blue Water Inn), then the celebration of Jesus’ Birthday, then New Year’s Eve, and then Holly’s 16th birthday on January 4th, how time will fly!

On the business side of things, I am very busy with trying to get organized with all of my businesses. Pink Papaya has an exciting new website and new products and so does Gold Canyon Candles! Southern Living At Home has a beautiful new Fall Catalog and Longaberger has a wonderful line of Team Spirit items! I highly recommend that you check out my websites and take a peek! I would love to help you get some free items just for sharing our catalog with others! With the holidays and Holly’s Sweet Sixteen coming up, I would appreciate any parties that come my way. Remember, you could even have an online catalog party just by forwarding me your email list, ask me how to do this, it is soooooo easy for you! I do all of the work!

Also, if you are looking for extra spending money or would like to find a new career, please send me a message and I will do my best to try to help you find a business that would work for you.

Lastly, I am so excited about joining Michele Baratta at Home! Please let me know if you would like to help me jump start this new venture!

I am looking forward to sharing the upcoming Fall months with all of you!

Update on Holly

I was just looking through my blog and reading some of the last few posts and I realized that I apparently missed all of July. As most of my friends and family members know, Holly spent six days in the hospital the first part of July. She went to Hume Lake with the church group and the church called and told us we needed to come get her. Her father and grandmother took the drive up there and the next day she was admitted to the hospital ~ 4th of July. Through a lot of prayers and support, Holly was able to be released six days later and she is now taking medication that the doctors plan to hopefully wean her off of slowly. It is not a medication that can just be stopped.

It is amazing how life has purpose and meaning. Holly’s stepmom actually works at a doctor’s office and that doctor is actually treating Holly’s condition pro bono and giving us the medicine samples for free and meeting with her as needed.

I can’t thank her enough. I am so grateful to her for being able to take care of my daughter in such an amazing way. It brings me to tears to know that there truly was a reason why I went through all that I did while he was cheating on me with her. God knew that this was going to happen. He knew that there was a purpose for Christie to be in Holly’s life. There was a reason that Donny needed to marry her. It made everything clear to me.

I have always told Holly that whenever something bad happens, something good will come from it. This is clearly good.

Holly is doing so much better. The medicine makes her tired and makes her gain weight, so they reduced it on Monday and I have seen some improvement. So far, she doesn’t seem as tired. She still seems to be going to bed around 9 or 10. When school starts, we will need to talk to the teachers and set up a plan because she will not be able to stay up late doing homework and such.

We will see how losing the weight goes. She will be learning to play tennis so she is excited about that and that will help.

I was a little concerned when August 1st came around because it seemed like all of the issues reoccur on the 1st, May 1st, June 1st, July 1st. On August 1st, while taking the medicine, there was no change of behavior, so I was happy about that.

This week she is with her father and next Saturday we are going to the river and then we are going to Las Vegas for a few days. She is so excited about that! She loves the river and she loves Las Vegas. Ever since she was little she loved going there, must be the lights!

Well, that is the latest update on Holly, I feel bad that I didn’t keep up with this while she was in the hospital but I spent every minute with her and I really didn’t go on line too much. I was able to stay in the room with her and I kept everyone updated on my facebook page from my blackberry.

I just want to thank everyone for their prayers and support during that very difficult time, please pray that the medicine can be weaned off and that the side effects will no longer effect her.

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