Top 10 Things I Do Not Miss Now That My Daughter Graduated

For twelve plus years, our precious child(ren) attends school and then they graduate from high school. I add the plus in case your child also attended pre-school.

Since my only daughter graduated this past June and many of my online friends have younger children in school, I can sit back now, watch, snicker a little bit, shake my head and laugh and share that there are certain things that I do not miss at all now that she graduated.

  1. Filling out the same emergency forms year after year ~ why aren’t those things done online? I remember my mom hating doing it, now, I understand!
  2. Endless nights of doing homework ~ I will never forget Holly’s sixth grade year when she was up until 1a.m. / 2a.m. doing homework and sitting in the classroom on back to school night listening to all of the other parents complaining about the same thing.  It was a long year. Honestly, I do not know who disliked the teacher more, Holly or me!
  3. Having your daughter come to you and say, “Mom, I have a project due tomorrow.  I need you to drive me to fill in the blank to get supplies.”  Oh yes, that was fun.
  4. Getting those phone calls from the school notifying you that you need to come down right away to pick her up.  Oh, how I felt so bad when my daughter was sick and I needed to leave work right away to come get her.
  5. Worrying about that she was the last one to be picked up from after school care.  I never wanted her to be the last one to be picked up.  Thankfully, by her junior high years I was working part-time 5 minutes from home, so I was close and I was home in the morning before she left and when she came home from school.
  6. Buying school supplies and new backpacks every year.  Oh, how I didn’t miss the school supply list this year.  Go figure, after she graduates she gets a job at an office supply store!
  7. Girl Drama!  Oh, how I will not miss the girl drama.  I am glad that she seemed to have a clear head and now understands what I meant when I said early on, “Holly, don’t worry about those girls. Do you think about them when you are out having fun?” Her: “No.” Me: “That’s right! So, don’t let them bother you.  They are not going to matter in the great scheme of life after you graduate.”  Now, she understands.  The true friends that you have in high school, they will stay with you.  The others really don’t matter.
  8. Daily reminder about homework! Me:  “Did you do your homework?”  Her: “Yes”  Me:  “Did you turn it in?”  Her:  “No”  ~ Tear my hair out!!!  Me: “Why not?”  Her:  “I wanted to talk to the teacher first.”  Me:  “When was it due?”  Her:  “Last week!”   ~~~  Oh, no, I will not miss this.
  9. School Drop Off/Pick Up Line ~ Oh how I do not miss being in that mess!  Parents, please watch and learn  ~ Kadi Prescott’s How To Properly Use the School Car Loop!

  10. Oh what to choose for the last thing!  I guess the last thing is I am so glad that it was not all for nothing.  Sitting there with her when she received the phone call that she got a full scholarship to one of her school choices was worth it all.

What about you?  What will you not miss when your child graduates?

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