Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Ultimate Blog Party 2012

Welcome! It’s great to meet you. Thank you for stopping by!

We have some party hats over here for you to put on and you can grab some confetti to throw around. This is our third time participating in 5 Minutes for Moms The Ultimate Blog Party and I am so excited to be doing it again!

My name is Teresa and my daughter’s name is Holly.

We live in Orange County, California. Holly is graduating from high school this year and going to college close to home so I am thrilled to pieces about that.

We love to travel. You can see some of the places that we have visited here. We have been from the Dole Plantation in Hawaii to the Chuck’s D Bar-b-Que Ranch in Durango, Colorado to A Hole in the Rock in Moab Utah.

We love living in Orange County. If you live nearby and you are a parent of tweens or teens and have a heart for volunteering, you might want to check out our South Orange County Teen Volunteers list. Holly spent a lot of time compiling and updating this list the last five years so we hope that it can be helpful to you.

I know you are busy going from blog to blog so I won’t keep you long, I hope you can connect with us and come back soon.

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If you are stopping by from The Ultimate Blog Party, please leave your link below so I can be sure to stop by and visit you!

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  1. What a great idea to have a link-up for all your visitors! I’m going to have to keep that in mind for future years!

    • Yes, I thought it would be fun to see who stopped by even if they didn’t want to leave a comment, they might leave a link. Thank you for stopping by! I love new visitors!

  2. Hi fellow party goer! I’m popping by from UBP2012 to say hi! I can’t imagine either of my babies going off to college at this point, I’m barely able to hold it together now I have to send my 31/2 year old to school in September!

  3. Wow! Heading to college, what a great adventure for her. College is such a great experience, I loved my education & assisting & educacting students now during theirs. And how nice that she will be close to you still 🙂

  4. Hi there! Stopping by from UBP12! My daughter just graduated last year so I sure know first hand your journey! Enjoy it! 🙂

  5. I would love to visit the Dole Plantation.

    Stopping by from UBP to say hello.
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Just dropping by from The Ultimate Blog Party I am looking forward to networking with you and getting to know you better! I hope you have the opportunity to visit our blog! http://www.thehealthymoms.net/2012/04/ultimate-blog-party-2012.html

  7. Hey girl!! how ya doin Teresa? So yeah….you rock…..just had to stop by your UBP post and say that 🙂

    see ya round!

  8. Hi…. I come for the party ^___^ I found your site from UBP 2012. Hope you come to my party post too, http://bit.ly/ubp2012. While you are there, feel free to enter our current giveaway (few of them in cash). Thank you.

    Juliana RW

  9. stopping by from UBP2012 so nice to meet you!!! I subscribed so I can come back and really check out and see what your blog is all about and of course I will be following you on Pinterest I am an addict 🙂

    Happy Partying!!!

  10. I am here as part of the Ultimate Blog Party.

  11. Good afternoon! Stopping by from UBP. I have a teen daughter as well that just graduated high school early and will be attending college in August.

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