Top 10 Things I Learned From the Southern California Power Outage

So last night, the power went out from South Orange County down through San Diego into parts of Baja, Mexico.  It was estimated that approximately 1.4 million San Diego Gas & Electric customers were out of power.

Since my daughter and I survived the ordeal, we came up with the Top 10 Things We Learned:

  1. People get really cranky without lights, air conditioning and food.
  2. You should always have something good to eat that does not require refrigerated food, microwave, or the stove.  According to one person on Twitter:  chips and beef jerky worked for them!
  3. You must have a car charger for your smart phone!  This is an absolute necessity for surviving a power outage!
  4. If you didn’t follow number 2, be prepared to wait in long lines at the closest restaurants that do have power.  Just getting there to those restaurants, remember to drive carefully, refer back to #1, road rage with 1.4 million cranky drivers is not a good thing.
  5. If you didn’t follow number 2 and do not want to deal with #4, and opt for going grocery shopping, remember a lot of the food items are refrigerated and perishable.  They will run out of ice quickly.
  6. Be sure to find your candles and lighter before it actually gets dark. Trying to find anything in the dark is tough using the light of your smartphone.
  7. If you didn’t follow #6, be sure to have a clean house.  It is very difficult to find anything while worrying about tripping on anything on the floor in the dark.
  8. Make sure you have a full tank of gas or avoid the gas stations at all costs if you can, people at one of the few gas stations opened during the outage are crazy, I tell ya!  
  9. Without the lights, you discover that Southern California has a lot of stars not only in Hollywood but in the sky!
  10. I saved the last one for what my daughter who is a Senior in high school learned ~ power outage on a school night means no school the next day, which makes power outages the very best thing ever especially when your mom takes you to stay at a Disneyland Hotel.
BONUS:  One San Diego Gas & Electric employee’s mistake sure can cause a lot of havoc!
Were you one of the 1.4 million San Diego Gas & Electric customers without electricity last night?  Were you affected by the outage?  What did you do to pass the time or learn from the experience?
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  1. Elizabeth Norton says:

    Your a cool mom! Can I go to Disney? We just made an emergency backpack! How long does beef jerky last! I should put some in there!

  2. Love your list. I really like #2 and we have stuff like that in our house and also my classroom.  I loved #9.

  3. The last time I was in a power outage like that, the wife and I cracked open a good California Cabernet, some cheese and crackers and listened to classical music by candlelight.  Now we do that for fun sometimes even when we do have power.  We just happened to discover something awesome that we never really thought of doing.  Of course that's probably not something you would do in the morning.  And you might get tired of it after a few hours.

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