Disney Pixar "Up House" Home Tour in Herriman Utah

A few days ago, while on vacation to Park City, Utah, we stopped by Herriman, Utah and had the pleasure of taking a home tour of the replica of the Disney Pixar Up House.  The home was custom built by Bangerter Homes with the permission of Disney.
Since I know many of my friends can’t get to Utah and the home will shortly be sold, I thought I would share with you the pictures that we took on this home tour.  Please enjoy! 
Be sure and come back and visit as I have more pictures to add!
Yes!  They even had Carl sitting on the porch!

Laundry Room
Carl & Ellie’s Bedroom
Guest Bathroom

Living Room

Dining Room Table

Kitchen (Isn’t it so pretty?)

Jack’s Room

Girl’s Room
Media Room
Scenes from Up movie playing in the media room
Carl’s View from the Porch

For more information about the homebuilder and to read their blog about building this home, please visit here.

UPDATE 08/02/11 8:04 am  I just talked to a representative at Bangerter Homes to inquire about Jack and confirm that this was in fact a part of the Make a Wish Foundation.  Yes, it was.  I did some googling around and found this!  Oh my goodness!  What a special thing!

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  1. Becca Bernstein says:

    I'm loving that blue oven and fridge. They did a great job!

  2. Yes, they sure did Becca!  It was so fun to walk through!

  3. Oh my gosh, that's wonderful!!! But where's the motorized lift on the stairs? 😉 (oh, and I would LOVE to have the painting over the mantle. that's so awesome!)

  4. SavannahB says:

    So cool! I love that house, I want to live there. But, I'm confused- who is Jack? The boy from Toy Story was Andy. 

  5. Let me see if I can read the Make A Wish picture I have.  I think it is for a Make a Wish child, but I am not sure.  Let me go see!

  6. Oh Savannah!  I just posted an update!  Wow!  It was for a little boy as a recipient of a  wish by the Make a Wish Foundation!  Be sure to watch the video!

  7. This is way too cool!! I'd love to bring my grandchildren to see it. ;D

  8. Kristigoldsberry says:

    I am so in love with this home! I want to order one right now!

  9. Oh my gosh. That house is amazing. I love it. 

  10. Debbie Romano says:

    I want to move right into that house.  I would move to Utah for that!!!

  11. I believe what my friend heard is that there is an offer but it was not finalized.  I think the asking price was around $400k.

  12. Oh and that is fully furnished as well!

  13. That house is AWESOME. And I love love love that kitchen, the old school appliances look perfect in that white kitchen.

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  15. This is a one of a kind house.  We were told that Disney would not allow another one like it to be built.  

  16. Jamie Rippy says:

    I want that kitchen and the claw foot tub in the bathroom!

    I've stumbled your post!  If you want to stumble back, my post is http://www.mamamommymom.com/2011/07/bbt-summer-pasta-salad.html

    Jamie @ http://www.mamamommymom.com

  17. Sarah Coulsey says:

    That is sooooo cool!!!  My boys (and myself) would love to see that!!!

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