It’s a God Thing – Meet Jodie & Larry the Whale!

The love of a friend.
The love of God.
What an amazing story I read this morning of strength, love, endurance.

In Dana Point, California, in my own backyard, a Southern California paddle surfer, Jodie Nelson set out this past weekend to stand-up paddle 40 miles from Catalina Island to Dana Point.

I read in this article this morning that Jodie’s purpose for this adventure was to help support her dearest friend who is battling breast cancer.  Jodie’s mother and aunt are also both cancer survivors.  All while Jodie has been supportive of her friend while going through chemotherapy, she wanted to do more.  She wanted to do something big to help her friend, to inspire her to keep fighting.  Her goal was to support two charities close to her heart and bring awareness of the millions of women who are affected by cancer.

She did not do this alone. 
She had Larry along side of her. 
Meet Larry. 
Photos: courtesy
Larry the Minke Whale stayed with her for two of the nine hours.
Larry blew bubbles under her board and entertained her.
One of her friends on her support group put a call into Sea World and asked if it was normal.
Their friend at Sea World told them that it was their lucky day
and that the whale was just playing and to sit back and enjoy the show! 
They did.
Photos: courtesy

Now, this is the part of the article that just touches me to the core.
Jodie prayed.
Jodie prayed this prayer that morning.
“To me it was a total God thing, we prayed at 4 that morning that God would reveal his beauty and creation and nature, and allow me to endure this long trek, so for me it’s not such a huge surprise that this happened.”
“I can’t even begin to compare what I did to what cancer patients are going through, but I wanted to put myself out there in a dangerous and scary, overwhelming situation; something that was big and just to show people that you can win that battle with that big, scary thing called cancer. I wanted to draw some kind of parallel and just encourage people to keep fighting.”
What an awesome God!
Jodie is in the process of trying to raise $100,000.  All funds go toward The Keep A Breast Foundation and Boarding for Breast Cancer. To donate, go to
Watch her amazing video here, courtesy of the Orange County Register.
Again, she did not do this alone, God was indeed with her.
If you would like to help support her and help her reach her goal, please visit her page on the Keep a Breast Foundation website.
UPDATE:  To read a beautiful post and to see more pictures of Jodie and her inspiration, please visit What Gives here.
UPDATE:  Oh you have to take a peek at Jodie’s Flickr page, check it out here
UPDATE: I found these two Paddle With Purpose youtube videos, it is worth sharing with others and watching.

Inspired yet? 

Please join so many others in donating, she has raised $108,257.00 and her new goal is $250,000.  To think that only yesterday not in even 24 hours ago, she was under $10,000.00. Click here to see her current total.

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