This One’s For You and You and Hey You Too!!!

Some of you may know that a couple years ago, I created Society of Socialpreneurs ~ Where Socializing is Our Business. 

I had just started as a Mark Representative because my bff’s niece sent me a Facebook Bulletin (you do remember Facebook Bulletins, right?) lol…oh my, ummm, MySpace Bulletins!!!!  Duh!  Ha!  I guess it has been a long time!

Anyways, well, after joining Mark, I fell in love with Pink Papaya and that same day I joined Send Out Cards because I thought any good business owner needs to stay in touch with their customers, right? So I figured that it would be a great opportunity for me!

Then, I thought, ohhhhh, I actually have to sell this in order to make some money.  So, I went searching on the internet and I thought oh my, there are soooooooo many wonderful women out there in business.  I was overwhelmed by how many people there were doing the exact same things that I was, well, maybe not exactly the way that I was, some were actually out there having parties and such, well, this was all just so new and fun for me, a perfect hobby!  I then came across the Southern Living At Home catalog, oh my, can you say, too pretty!!!  I fell in love and I googled my area code and Southern Living At Home and called this gal and said I want to sign up!  I must have just made her day!

Anyways, I regress, back to Society of Socialpreneurs.  Well, I just thought since there were so many of us out there that I wanted to create one central place where we all could be found and our customers could find us! 

At that time, I didn’t want to call it a WAHM network of this or that because those were a dime a dozen and I didn’t want to limit it to just work at home moms because I knew that there were plenty of “Us” who worked outside of the home and also did their side businesses.  Well, I brainstormed with a gal I met in a yahoo group and we came up with Society of Socialpreneurs ~ Where Socializing is Our Business!  We thought what a perfect name and slogan!!!  

I mean seriously, don’t you think that is perfect???  You blog, you socialize!  You make crafts and sell them and socialize, right?!  You are a consultant, right?  You have fun at parties and you are socializing! And, hey you tweet and facebook about your blog and business, right?  We are all socializing to run our business!  It just works!

Well, when I first created the site,, I really wanted a sign in membership and I was fortunate that we discovered Ning Networks.  We created and we have over 240 members today!  I had to put the site on the back burner for most of 2009 due to my daughter’s illness and then just trying to get myself organized and get through the holidays.

So last night I came across,, and I tried out their Forum/Message Board and I remembered years ago, I tried to get a forum on our site and it was way too confusing!  But, last night it couldn’t be any easier to get it going and when I woke up, the websitetoolbox guys made my forum page match the rest of my website, let me tell you, it was like Christmas for me!  I loved it!  You can visit our brand new forum/message board here!

So, now, I can finally ask all of you socialpreneurs to come join us!  I am looking for people who are go-getters or just starting out in direct sales, blog authors that would like to promote their blog, fitness trainers, photographers, wedding coordinators and vendors, etc.  Who am I missing?  Who else can you think of that their livelihood depends on social media?  I really don’t want to leave any one out!

Right now, I have a special free offer, (since you have read this long! ha!) ~ if you author a blog, I will post a link to your blog to our blog directory for free! All I ask is that you add our button to your blog!   

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