Featured Blogger: Meet Terra ~ Better Late than Never!

Okay, so last week I joined a Blog Party over at Coo Coo’s Cachoo (silly name, huh?)and we were paired up with a person to go and meet and then come back to our blog and introduce them to our friends!  I am so sorry I am late with my post, but better late then never, right?
I was paired up with Terra of Heck of a Bunch.
Terra is wonder woman! 
She is a mother/step-mother of six children. 
She works full time as a 911 Telecommunicator!  I can’t imagine the stress of being a 911 Telecommunicator!  (Much less the stress of being a mom/stepmom to six children!)
She is a wife to her husband of seven years!
Her blog is full of useful information for other moms! 
She must be something because she has people send her items for review and then she post about them.  (I wonder how that happens that people send you free stuff!)
She also hosts quite a few giveaways and hosts freebies!
Also, if you are looking for an online holiday event, you can find it on her blog.   I am not quite sure what these holiday buttons on the right side of her blog actually are yet but maybe someone can comment and give me the heads up!  After this post, I will go back and check some of them out! 
She is obviously a great supporter of the blogging community!
On a personal note, she has posted some fun pictures of her family Halloween activities that I enjoyed looking through! 
It is nice to see her kids so happy and out having fun with friends and family!
Considering Terra has over 200+ followers, I gather that she must have been blogging for a while now!  I would think if someone was just beginning to blog and wanted to learn about different things you can do with your site, Terra’s site would be a good place to take a peek and follow! 
I am sure that she would be more than happy to answer any questions for you!
This is my first time I have ever featured a blogger, if you want to read the post from the person who featured me, check it out here!

Teresa’s Random Act of Kindness and Giveaway!

For inviting me to your blog party and allowing me time to visit and make new friends, I would like to send the hostess, Kristin and my new friend, Terra a package of tealights from my Gold Canyon Candles website, www.mygc.com/tolvera.  Please comment me and let me know what fragrance you would like to receive and email me privately your mailing address!

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  1. Wow thats really sweet of you! Thanks 🙂 Ill do a review for you too! As far as the scent, they all sounds yummy! I guess maybe a Christmassy one? Pick one haha thanks! Emailing you now!

  2. Lil' Woman says:

    Oh i love finding new blogs! 🙂

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