Another Day, Same Old Routine

Since this is the third week of school, Holly and I are slowly trying to get back into a routine each morning and night. I finally typed up our daily routines of what we have always tried to get done and some are what we know we should do, but we aren’t there yet. Everytime I turn around, I think, oh I need to add something else to the list, and so it is added on. I have to leave up the document on my computer for awhile just so I can keep adding to it! Hopefully that will stop soon. Here is our daily routines, please post yours and share yours with us! If I get a couple comments, I will figure out how to add Mr. Linky or whatever it is called…lol


Gym or Walk
Brush Teeth
Mom Put Contacts In
Make Bed
Get Dressed
PE Clothes
Check Email in AM Before School
Get Lunch
Eat Breakfast
Unload Dishwasher
Put Load in Wash Machine
Fold Load in Wash Machine
Holly Take Vitamins
Mom Take Medicine
Put on MakeUp
Teresa Take Shower
Do Hair


Get Backpack Ready
Get PE Clothes Ready
Get Gym Clothes Ready
Get Outfit Ready for Tomorrow
Clean a 15 Minute Hotspot
Charge Phone
Practice Tennis
Eat Dinner
Put Load in Washing Machine (PE Clothes)
Take Bath
Brush Teeth
Wash Face with Acne Medicine
Put in Retainer
Read for 30 Minutes
Holly Take Medicine
Teresa Take Medicine
Check Calendar for Tomorrow
Check Email Before Bed
Set Alarm
Mom Take Contacts Out
Mom Clean Sink (FlyBaby Preemie Here!)

Please remember to share yours with us! Especially if you have a teenaged girl, what does she do each morning and evening?

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